The care I’ve received at O’Halloran Rehab has been phenomenal. Everyone is professional and clearly committed to providing the best care possible. On top of that, it’s a family-type atmosphere causing me to look forward to the appointment rather than dreading it.  Scott Miller 07/08/13

From the very first contact with John as his patient, I was struck by his directness, clarity, positive attitude and the ability to not only listen to, but actually hear my concerns. I felt, and still do feel that he sees me as an individual and treats all of his patients with equal care and respect, something that is sorely lacking in today’s world of “managed care”.

For more than a year, John has been treating me for severe lower back, SI and lumbar related, severe lower back pain. Although I am not qualified to specifically articulate all the medical-professional terms and aspects of my condition, what I would like people to know is, that when they go to him for treatment, that he has the utmost integrity, compassion, knowledge AND ability to aid in the healing and overall well-being of his patients.

It has taken all this time, with set-backs caused by stress, (and over-use and enthusiasm on my part), to facilitate a co-healing. John has addressed each and every problem I’ve had, step-by step, with sharp assessment for proper alignment, physical manipulative therapy and targeted exercises for me to perform on my own.

I experience today the positive effects of this rehabilitation and am able to again function normally and without constant pain, which lead to chronic sleep-deprivation, affected my disposition and effective functioning in my work and daily tasks. I am enormously grateful to him for dedicating his professional life to the betterment of others. There are many who claim to heal but few are truly able. Thank you John, for helping me again live a whole life.  Patricia Madden 06/11/13

I have been seeing John for several years to treat sports related injuries ranging from hip problems to neck and back issues, and he is one of the best diagnosticians I’ve encountered. He has the experience and expertise to treat the injury from a variety of angles to not only relieve symptoms but heal the overall problem – no one-size-fits-all fixes. If you a want a pill to cover up the problem, call someone else. But if you want to get on the path to recovery, call John.   Bill Foster 06/12/13

During the mid-1990’s, I broke my lower right leg in three places playing soccer. The injury was so severe that a titanium rod was inserted in my leg from the knee to the ankle. The silver lining to all this was that I met John. He prescribed a series of exercises that rehabilitated my leg and, more importantly, restored my confidence in my ability to play soccer again.

Over the past decade or so I have had periodic bouts of back pain that have, at times, been acute and debilitating. Once again, John has helped me work through these episodes and provided diagnoses that were later confirmed by very expensive (and unnecessary) MRI’s.

I have grown to completely trust John. He is a rare health care practitioner because he is patient, he listens, he shows genuine empathy and he then provides an exercise regime perfectly tailored to your ailment. First thing each morning, I place the highest priority on completing the exercises John has prescribed for me because I know how important they are to my overall quality of life moving forward.

Simply put, I am fortunate that John continues to live here in Greensboro. Don’t ever leave! We are indeed lucky to have one of the best physical therapists in the country in our backyard.  Keith Debbage 06/19/13

I have been a satisfied patient of John O’Halloran’s for more than a decade as a result of multiple joint and muscle problems.  John is professional, very knowledgeable about various treatment options, and personable.  He makes children, those with sports injuries, and older folks feel comfortable during therapy. His clear, patient explanations of what he is doing and why have helped me understand my particular issues. Sometimes he even makes me laugh in the midst of pain!  Dottie B. 06/20/13

I’ve been a patient of John O’Halloran for almost two years now with various injuries ranging from three stress fractures in my right foot to a rare injury involving a tear in my left glute muscle. Having been in physical therapy in other clinics,  I have greatly appreciated the expertise of John’s knowledge and ability to treat all of my ailments. John has something rare I call “The Touch.” He knows exactly how to treat an injury that is knowledge based but instinctive. You can’t teach this technique and that’s what makes going to John special. In addition to the excellent treatment, John is hilarious and makes going to him so much fun! I kid the great staff at John’s office that going to John once a week is the highlight of my week but I really do look forward to being treated by John and I feel so much better when I leave. John has my highest recommendation.  Miz P 06/20/13